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Q: What is a tenant?

A tenant is a company (individual or team, of all forms) which is looking for a space to rent.

Q: What do I need to create a profile?

You need an email address, an organization number, a company bank account with a bank card number associated with this account and a clear explanation on how you intend to use the space.

Q: What is the minimum rental period?

1 week is the minimum set by Paguro and you can only book a space by the number of weeks (for example, 3 weeks, not 18 days). However, it is the Host who decides what is the minimum booking time for his / her space. It will be notified on the ad and filtered on your research.

Q: What are the steps of the booking process?

  1. Filter your criteria (dates, budget, type of space) and see what is available.

  2. Find the space you like and send a booking request + additional questions you may have for the Host via Paguro question form.

  3. The Host is notified of your request and questions, the booking status is “Pending”.

  4. The Host “declines” the booking request or “pre-approved” by answering the questions you have.

  5. If you are happy with the answers and want to confirm your booking request, you will be invited to “confirm request”.

  6. The Host gets notified if you have confirmed the request: you now have a contract.

  7. Paguro will collect the cost of the rental period.

  8. You will have a chat function to fix the last details directly with the Host (time to deliver the key, etc…)

Q: How can I ask questions about a space I am interested in?

There will be a form to join with your booking request where you can ask all the questions in order to confirm your booking request or cancel your booking request, based on the answers.

Q: How does the payment system work and how much do I pay in total?

For now, we will send you an invoice for the contract period. You pay for the rental cost + 10% service fee. The rental cost you see on the ad includes the service fee. From October 2021, we will use Stripe to handle the payment transfers as well as to store your bank info. You will need to create a Stripe account in order to collect your payment. Note that if your rental period is longer than 3 months, we will collect the rent of these first 3 months and then do a regular monthly collection.

Q: Are the prices including or excluded mva?

The price listed is excluded mva. On the invoice we will send, the cost will be clearly stated included and excluded mva (25%)

Q: Can I cancel a booking prior to moving into the space?

After the “confirm booking request” date has occurred, but up to 15 days before the moving-in date, you may terminate the booking without further justification. If you cancel from 14 days before your moving-in day, you shall pay the Host a financial compensation corresponding to 10% of 4 weeks rental costs.

Q: How much interaction do I have with the Host?

Nothing direct until the booking request is approved on both sides. Then we encourage you to use the Paguro chat function so Paguro can retrieve any info in case of issue. Along the booking period, the Host may want to show the space to a potential long term Tenant; we recommend that you have direct dialogue to agree on visit windows.

Q: Can I adjust the moving-in / moving-out dates after my request has been approved?

Not on Paguro´s contract. If you decide otherwise directly with the Host, Paguro can be held liable for the days not covered by the rental period stated in the contract.

Q: How can I extend my booking period?

Go to your profile dashboard, select the space, select the dates (from your last day of your initial booking period) and add weeks. Your Host will be notified to hopefully approve shortly.

It will generate a new contract and make sure both sides are covered in case of issues. The rent will keep on being collected monthly (not 3-month as for the start of each contract).

Q: Can I complain about a space I have booked?

Absolutely. You have 48 hours from your moving-in day to send a claim to Paguro if you judge that the space itself or the state it is in, does not correspond to the description in the ad. Make a detailed report with pictures as it could be considered as a breach to the contract and simply cancel the contract.

Q: What can I request from the Host?

Nothing. What you see and request to book, is what you will get. We however strongly advise our Host to make sure the space is clear and clean before advertising it on Paguro platform.

Q: Do I need insurance?

Yes, you need insurance to cover your inventory.

Q: What is expected from me when I move out of a space?

You must return the space with associated equipment in as good a condition as when you moved in. The Host must accept normal wear and tear and aging. The space must be cleaned, and all parts of the rental object with accessories, including windows, walls and ceilings, must be cleaned. Fixed fixtures, light walls, equipment and fixed devices the space, cables, etc. which you have had removed / installed, must not be re-installed / removed unless the Host explicitly said differently.

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