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Q: What is a Host?

A Host is a property owner / manager / someone who subleases who is looking for a Tenant for the space he/she has available for rent.

Q: In what state should my space be?

We recommend the space to be ready for a Tenant to take over, especially in terms of cleanliness and electricity. It's your own decision if you want to re-paint the walls, refresh in general, but this is not a requirement. Just make sure the pictures of the space are accurate with the current state of the space.

Q: Can I choose my minimum rental period?

Yes, but in order to optimize the number of requests you will get; we recommend that you consider the shortest time you´d be comfortable with.

Q: What do I need to create a profile?

You need an email address, an organization number, a company bank account we can transfer the money for rent on.

Q: What are the steps of the booking process?

  1. You will receive a request for booking where you can see: the booking period, the profile of the Tenant, how the Tenant intends to use the space and the income opportunity for this booking. This request will be in your dashboard as “Pending”.

  2. You will be asked to “pre-approve” or “decline” the request.

  3. If you “pre-approve”, The Tenant might add a few questions which you must answer before going further.

  4. Based on your answers, the Tenant will be asked to confirm the request; if he/she does, then you have a deal!

  5. You will have a chat function to fix the last details directly with the Tenant (time to deliver the key, etc…).

Q: How do I know about the Tenant activity and how they want to use my space?

When a Tenant sends a booking request, they must inform clearly how they intend to use the space. You will also have details about the Tenants´ companies on their profile.

Q: How does the payment system work and how much Do I pay in total?

We will collect 5% of your rental price, meaning the Tenant sees the price minus these 5%. That's it. You are not paying any service fee and it is free to list your ads.

Q: How can Tenants extend a contract?

They will do it from their dashboard by selecting your space and add weeks from the last day of their initial booking period. You will be notified of this contract extension and will simply need to approve it.

It will generate a new contract and make sure both sides are covered in case of issues. The rent will keep on being collected monthly (not 3-month as for the start of each contract)

Q: Are the prices including or excluded mva?

All the prices are excluded mva. However, we charge 25% mva when we transfer you the rental amount; it will be clearly stated on the receipt so you can then deduct it on your side.

Q: Who is charged for the mva?

The Tenant is charged for the mva; then depending on the nature of their activity, they can deduct it or not. But that is not something you should worry about.

Q: Can I cancel an approved booking prior to the Tenant having moved in?

You can cancel the booking 30 days before the 1st date of the rental contract, without reason but by providing a written notice to Paguro. If you cancel after the 30-day period, the Tenant can ask for compensation. The details for this compensation are in the contract.

Q: How much interaction do I have with the Tenant?

Nothing direct until the booking request is approved on both sides. Then we encourage you to use the Paguro chat function so Paguro can retrieve any info in case of issue. Along the booking period, you may want to show the space to a potential long term Tenant; we recommend that you have direct dialogue to agree on visit windows.

Q: Can I complain about a Tenant after they have moved in?

Yes, especially if you notice that the way the Tenant uses the space is different from what was described; this is a breach to the contract. Please inform Paguro as soon as possible; we will mediate the situation.

Q: What can I request from the Tenant?

The Tenant knows that they need to take good care of your space and return it clean and empty.

Can I have access to my space for visits to new potential Tenants when my space is booked?

Yes but only in presence of the Tenant and by agreeing in advance with the Tenant when you want to show the space. Provide enough notice time.

Q: Insurance-wise?

You must ensure your own building furnishings, fixed and loose furniture, movables, machinery, data, goods, operating losses / interruptions and liability. You are not responsible for damage or loss that may occur in the event of burglary, fire, smoke development, water damage or for other reasons, beyond what is covered by your insurances as a property owner. However, this does not apply to damages due to your default.

We encourage the Tenants to also get insurance for the specific time they will be using your space.

Q: In what state should I expect my space to be returned?

The Tenant must return the rental object with associated equipment in as good a condition as when the tenant takes over in normal good condition, and the Landlord must accept normal wear and tear and aging. The rental object must be cleaned, and all parts of the rental object with accessories, including windows, walls and ceilings, must be cleaned.

Fixed fixtures, light walls, equipment and fixed devices the rental object, cables, etc. which the Tenant has had removed / installed, must not be re-installed / removed unless you so require.

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